Monday, July 14, 2008

Glenmark acquired seven brands in Poland

Glenmark acquired seven brands in Poland

The Hindu Business Line : Glenmark acquires seven brands in PolandJul 3, 2008 ... Mumbai, July 2 Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd has forged a deal with Iceland’s Actavis and its Polish affiliate Biovena to acquire seven

Mumbai, July 13 Are domestic drug companies seeing a refinement in their appetite for overseas acquisitions, with big-ticket transactions making way for focused, “easy-to-digest” deals?

The appetite of drug companies for large acquisitions has not changed, but with fewer pickings available globally, acquisition targets are getting sharply defined, observe pharma industry representatives.

Consolidation is here to stay, especially since the valuation of companies is getting corrected over the last several months, an industry-watcher said.

However, as merger and acquisition strategies of Indian companies gain sophistication, they are making acquisitions for very specific objectives like entering a sub-segment, acquiring patents, acquiring a brand or its distribution, says Mr Kumar Kandaswami, Senior Director with consultant firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

Big acquisitions will not go out of fashion, but companies will find easy-to-digest, focused transactions valuable and may not always look at acquisitions in a conventional manner of biting big, he points out.

Earlier this month, for instance, Glenmark acquired seven brands in Poland

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