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More Than PLN 5bn Will Be Invested in the Hotel Industry in Poland During the Next 5 Years as the Number of Tourists Visiting Increases to Approximate

More Than PLN 5bn Will Be Invested in the Hotel Industry in Poland During the Next 5 Years as the Number of Tourists Visiting Increases to Approximately 19 MillionWednesday March 12, 9:45 am ET
DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Euro 2012 in Poland - Construction Investments to their offering.
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Euro 2012 in Poland - Construction investments, presents a detailed and informative description and status report of Poland's preparations for the European Football Championship in 2012. This, the first edition, focuses on the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the event most effectively. Reports and analysis are provide to describe the current state of infrastructure as well as the targeted levels of transportation, sport and hotel infrastructure and facilities, with information as to how these levels are organized and plans in place to achieve these levels as the date of the event approaches.
This report, presents a complete report on the progress of infrastructure preparations for the event in five sections:
I. Enters a detailed description of Euro 2012, presenting the needs and requirements of the event, setting up the parameters of construction work and infrastructure upgrades necessary in Poland prior to the established deadlines set by organizers of the European Football Championship for 2012.
II. Delves into the transportation infrastructure, perhaps the most challenging aspect of preparation for Euro 2012, evaluating the existing components and needed upgrades to facilitate transportation into the country and between the cities that will host the event. This section covers primary modes of transport that will be used, including the networks that support and facilitate road, railway and air transport.
III. Investigates the existing assets and needed improvements in terms of the sports infrastructure, which refers to stadiums and training centres needed to accommodate the European Football Championship in 2012.
IV. Surveys the hotel infrastructure in the host cities, providing information concerning hotels, current availability of rooms and projected availability through new construction, as well as planned investment by selected operators and development groups.
V. Covers forecast investment and the related development plans for airports in Poland during the period from 2008-2013
Key Findings
More than PLN 5bn will be invested in the hotel industry in Poland during next 5 years.
The number of tourists visiting Poland will grow from 15.7m in 2006 to approximately 19m in 2012-2013, which implies an average annual growth of almost 3%.
Construction and modernisation of six stadiums in Poland for Euro 2012 will cost almost PLN 3bn.
PLN 2bn will be assigned to smaller stadiums and training centres for Euro 2012 in Poland.
This report is an indispensable business tool for:
senior management personnel of construction companies active in Poland and surrounding areas
strategic planners and executives of firms considering entry into the Polish construction market
companies engaged in construction and those active in the production and distribution of building materials in the region
architectural and consultancy firms interested in this market
developers interested in participation in the Polish hotel construction market
businesses that provide goods and services integral to the hospitality and athletics industries
consultants and analysts that provide advice and intelligence to governmental and business organizations, as well as those seeking investment opportunities.
Content Outline:
I. Methodology
II. Executive summary
III. European Football Championship
IV. The construction of sports facilitiesUEFA regulations concerning stadiumsNational Stadium in WarsawBaltic Arena in GdanskMunicipal Stadium in PoznanOlympic Stadium in WroclawSlaski Stadium in ChorzowWisla Krakow Stadium in KrakowStadium construction financingTraining centresOther stadiumsThe value of investments in stadiums' infrastructure
V. Investments in tourist and accommodation infrastructureVisitors to PolandHotel market in PolandHotel beds for Euro 2012Investors on the hotel marketForecasts for the hotel market until 2012
VI. Modernisation of the road transport systemMotorway network constructionExpressway network constructionRoad construction investments in cities
VII. Modernisation of the railway transport systemAmended Act on Railway TransportInvestment projects of the PKP GroupMain railway lines scheduled for modernisationRailroad transport systems in citiesThe value of investments in rail transport
VIII. Modernisation of the air transport systemPoznan-LawicaWroclaw-StrachowiceKatowice-PyrzowiceKrakow-BaliceNowy Dwor Mazowiecki-ModlinGdynia-OksywieThe value of investments in air transportWarsaw-OkecieGdansk-Rebiechowo
IX. The total value of investment projects for Euro 2012
X. Contact dataMunicipal Euro 2012 Organisation OfficesAirportsOther
XI. List of graphs
XII. List of tables
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